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The Unity Church of Cambria
Where the pines meet the sea on the beautiful California Central Coast

We are an inclusive, supportive spiritual community.
We are here to share love, inspiration and Divine Spirit
in communion with each other. All are welcome.

Join Us this Sunday...

Sunday, March 12 - Spiritual Discussion Circle

"Where there is shadow, let there be light.  Pivot that thought."

With guest musicians and discussion facilitators
Barb Heintzelman and Salo Stanley

Barb and Salo have been playing music together for 14 years.  Barb Heintzelman performs vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar.  Salo Stanley plays percussion and the Native American Flute.  Barb and Salo were inspired to write these positive songs by playing at many New Thought Centers and particularly "Spiritual Life Center" in Clovis, CA.  They have released 2 CD's:  BS In Fresno, and It Is Already Done.  Both can be downloaded and purchased on cdbaby.com

Barb Heintzelman is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Science of Mind Practitioner.  Salo Stanley has been a Chiropractor of 30 years, Sound Therapist, Artist, Intuitive reader, and professional speaker on positive thought.  They love to perform their music at New Thought Centers.  Barb and Salo live in Fresno, CA with their five fur babies.  


Upcoming Sunday Speakers

Sunday, March 19 - Kevin Hauber

Sunday, March 26 - Theresa Desmond  "Springing Forth"

Sunday, April 2 - Meditation Sunday with Linda Lee

Sunday, April 9 - Kevin Hauber

Easter Sunday, April 16 - Rev. Tinker Donnelly

Sunday, April 23 - Spiritual Discussion Circle

Sunday, April 30 - Dr. Kirk Azevedo

Sunday, May 8 - Meditation Sunday with Linda Lee

Sunday, May 14 - Kevin Hauber

Sunday, May 21 - Rev. Marlene Morris

We're growing and discovering more about our divine potential every week.

Join us:
Sunday mornings at 11:00am
The Joslyn Center
950 Main Street







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